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Newspaper contacts

United Kingdom

The Daily Telegraph has proven to be interested this issue, publishing an article on May 26 and numerous followup letters to the editor:

Further letters appear to be welcome to dtletters@telegraph.co.uk.

The Guardian published an article about the Coalition in its June 12th edition.

Letters to the editor of The Guardian in response to the article can be addressed to letters@guardian.co.uk.

The Financial Times, published in both the UK and the US, published an article about the Coalition and its efforts to convince the BBC to change its mind in its June 13th edition.

New Zealand

The New Zealand Radio DX League is urging New Zealanders to contact local newspapers via e-mail to raise the profile of this issue. The following e-mail addresses are suggested routes to the newspapers:

NZ Press Association
NZ Herald
The Press
Otago Daily Times
Evening Post
IRN News