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Information for Members of the Press

Suggested Background Materials

The following background reports may provide useful information:

Press Releases

June 6, 2001
BBC to Cut Off 1.2 Million Listeners on July 1; Decision to End Shortwave Broadcasts to North America, Australia and New Zealand Greatly Restricts Access to World Service
June 20, 2001
Listener Coalition Asks BBC For More Dialogue
June 28, 2001
Internet Not Replacing Radio, Arbitron Finds; Contradicts BBC World Service Arguments for Ending Shortwave Radio Service
June 29, 2001
Coalition Calls for Immediate Moratorium on BBC World Service Transmission Cuts
July 3, 2001
Worries of declining British interest in the Pacific

Press Contacts

United States

John Figliozzi
Phone-Days (1215-2130 UT/0815-1730ET) +1 (518) 473-5264 (has voice mail, leave message)
Phone-Evenings (2230-0200 UT/1830-2200ET) +1 (518) 383-0796 (has answering machine)
E-mail: jfiglio1@nycap.rr.com or jfiglio@hotmail.com
Richard Cuff
Phone-Days (0830-1730ET/1230-2130UTC) +1 610 320 6111 x3123 (voice mail available)
Phone-Evenings (1900-2200ET/2300-0200UTC) +1 610 706 4593 (answering machine available)
Fax: +1 (707) 313-2458
E-mail: rdcuff@sprintmail.com
Ralph Brandi
Phone: +1 (732) 493-8791
E-mail: ralph@savebbc.org


Sheldon Harvey, President, Canadian Int. DX Club
Phone: +1 (450) 671-3773, during business hours, 1300-2100 UT/0900-1700 ET.
E-mail: cidxclub@yahoo.com
Mailing address: P.O. Box 67063-Lemoyne, St. Lambert, Quebec J4R 2T8 CANADA



New Zealand

David Norrie, New Zealand Radio DX League
Phone (Business): 20.00-05.00 UTC (09) 634 8667
Phone (Home-evenings) (09) 534 3559
E-mail: norrieclan@clear.net.nz
Web site (NZRDXL): http://radiodx.com/