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Ten Talking Points

When writing to the BBC and to UK constituencies that may have influence on the BBC's decisions, it would be best to be direct, concise and polite. To assist you in the preparation of your correspondence, here are ten "talking points" for you to consider and choose from. Be advised that World Service management is independent of the domestic services and is financed through grants from the British government. The government's Foreign and Commonwealth Office is consulted on aspects of World Service operations, such as languages used and overall goals and priorities. However, content issues and the specifics of policy are the province of the BBC World Service management.

When writing Messrs. Byford and Timmins, remember that people within Bush House itself contacted by coalition member Rich Cuff suggest we emphasize the differences in how we use shortwave versus FM and Online in our letters of protest, as Mr. Byford "...believes that the Internet delivers equivalent audio to affluent American homes...". We need to convince him that the truth is otherwise.